Pearls have always been considered an old-fashioned gem but at the same time, they are constantly being updated for the modern woman. No longer relegated to your Granny’s jewellery box, today’s pearls are fashion pieces that often replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend.

 White Pearls


White pearls are by far the most popular pearl color of choice for most pearl jewelry shoppers. Loved for it’s classic beginnings and it’s modern versatility, white pearls are steeped in tradition. From birthdays and graduations to weddings and anniversaries, the classic elegance and easy versatility of white ensures that these gems will be treasured for a lifetime.

White pearls are the embodiment of elegance and femininity. Let us give you a few tips for finding the perfect white pearl piece.

Types of white pearls: freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls.

Overtones: in the white color family, overtones range from pink to a creamy, ivory, or silver.

The color of the Akoya pearls is determined by the nacre. White Akoya pearls, as a color category, encompass light creamy pearls as well as those with an overtone.

White South Sea pearls are the ideal choice for statement pieces because they are the largest pearls available. They are also the rarest cultured pearls available on the market because their shape is flawlessly round, which makes them luxury items. The white South Sea Pearls are more prominent in Australian harvests. Their natural colors range from brilliant white to a silvery sheen.

When it comes to white freshwater pearls, their pearl color is determined by the mussel itself and environmental factors that affect the nacre as it is layered. As you may have expected, white is the most popular color for freshwater pearls. The overtone can vary slightly under different lighting sources and ambient colors.

    Jewelry Piece – Every woman wants to have at least one white pearl piece in her jewelry box because they are the single most versatile accessories out there. They can be worn for virtually any event from casual outings and all the way to elegant soirees. This is why they make an excellent gift for women of all ages.

        Necklaces – A string of white pearls will provide any woman with a unique touch of elegance. There is nothing more graceful than a white pearl necklace, so this will make an excellent gift.

        Rings – White pearl rings make amazing engagement rings because they compliment a woman’s femininity in a unique way. Multi-pearl rings are dazzling statement jewelry pieces that will make any woman stand out. White South Sea pearls are the ideal choice for statement pieces because they are the largest pearls available.

        Bracelets – A Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet can turn ordinary attire into a chic outfit. You can opt for a classic single set of pearls if you are looking to buy a classic gift for your significant other.

        Earrings – A white pearl earring set is the perfect accessory for the entire day. You can opt for the single-pearl version or you can choose the models with pearls and diamonds if you are looking for a special gift. Baroque shaped freshwater pearls are excellent for earrings because they can be adapted to a wide range of shapes.

        Sets – White pearl sets include rings, necklaces, and earrings and they are the ideal gift for any woman because they are amazingly versatile.

        Loose Pearls – Opt for loose pearls if you would like to provide the recipients with the opportunity of choosing the jewelry pieces that the pearls will be added to.


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